WARNING: If you try this and you find things that make you made/sad/crazy - we are NOT responsible!

We all know that you can click "see friendship" on a friend's Facebook page and see all of your interactions between you and them...it's fun to do! But with this super stalkerish move, you can see the interactions between any two people (pending their privacy settings.)

1. Go to any friend's page and click "See Friendship"

2. In your search bar you'll see a URL with your name and that person's name. Keep that there.

3. Open a new tab and go to the Facebook page of the first person you want to stalk. Check out the URL in your search bar - you'll see Facebook.com/THEIR.NAME -- copy everything after the "/".

4. Paste their name code and replace your name (leave the "/" between the names)

5. Open a new tab and go to the second page you want to stalk. Follow the same steps you did on the previous page.

6. Paste the second person's name code in place of your friend's name on the original tab. You should now have both people's Facebook name codes replacing the original names.

7. Hit enter and voila! Enjoy going down the deep dark rabbit hole. Don't say we didn't warn you.