mekong clubThere are 36 million slaves around the world nowadays, more than in any other time in history. There have been efforts in recent years to stop human trafficking, but the collective response to this problem has freed less than 1% of victims, globally. The bottom line is: We're losing the fight against slavery.

Throughout June, July and August, Matt & Silvia Friedman will be travelling across America talking to corporations, schools, libraries, churches and other organizations about the changing human trafficking paradigm.

We recently invited Matt Friedman, Founder & Ambassador of The Mekong Club, a membership-based Association focused on working with companies with an active passion for eradicating modern-day slavery, one of the first not-for-profit organizations of its kind to fight slavery through a 'business-to-business' approach. We also invited Jim Fuda, Director of Law Enforcement Services at Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound to give us a perspective on human trafficking and slavery in our own backward.