In 2016, I had more friends move out of state than I can count. One of my best friends, Hannah, moved to Phoenix last fall.. which meant I had a reason to visit there! 

This past weekend was my second trip to PHX since she moved. And it was a hot one. 

I flew out right after my show on Friday afternoon, so we relaxed, caught up and got groceries and beverages for the weekend (I'm talkin kombucha!!). 

Saturday was around 100 degrees! I'm not used to that type of heat. And since Hannah moved in the fall, I don't think she is used to it either. LOL

We linked with her boyfriend and floated the Salt River! They've clearly done this before, because they were ready. The tubes you rent there are rubber, so they obviously get scorching hot while you're floating in the sun for hours. Hannah and her BF had this down to a science and we wrapped sheets around the tubes. Problem solved. 

The float was dope! I'm not much of a water baby, but when it's 100 degrees, I will float the river gladly. Really drunk people on that river, some young, some old, and one girl who lost her phone in the river and frantically searched for it with one boob out. It was a wild day. 

We were totally wiped after the float, so we took a nap, after Cheba Hut of course. Not a quickie, we got in a solid 3 hours of nappage. So, it was my standard nap. 

We actually slept through the dinner reservation that Hannah made for us. Luckily we were able to move it to later, because this restaurant was SO COOL. It was called Culinary Dropout and the place was gorg. 

It was in "The Park" which was a few trendy restaurants and bars all connected. Halfway through dinner, the music got loud AF and we realized a live band started playing! They even covered Oasis "Wonderwall" so we were happy. 

After dinner, we stopped by this dive bar to meet up with a group of friends. It was karaoke night, so you know we sang. With three girls.. the song choice was obvious. TLC "No Scrubs" happened, and we killed it. 

Shout out to John the karaoke host for bumping us up in line. I think he knew the crowd would love us. They did, but to be fair, they seemed to love everyone. 

Sunday was an entire 25 degrees cooler than Saturday was. 75 felt amazing. 

Hannah and I spent the day in Scottsdale. We got coffee multiple times, more sandwiches at a spot with a sign that read "Voted Best Sandwich in America" (which I ALWAYS seem to fall for.. but this time, it was legit. I had a complete Thanksgiving dinner on a hoagie), and revisited my favorite drink shop in Scottsdale!

Last time we went to this shop, it was called Teaspressa, but this time it was Ruze Cake House. Same decor, different drinks. I love boba. Like am obsessed with it. My go-to is thai iced tea with boba, but they didn't have that, so she suggested their vietnamese iced coffee with boba. I also love viet iced coffee, so I went for it. It was awful. 

So disappointing! But, I love the shop and all of their rose gold is amazing. Probably not worth the $7.50 after tip.. so that's a lesson learned. Boba and coffee do not mix

We kept shopping around Scottsdale and found some cute little spots! We both bought throwback hats for our respective NFL teams. We even hopped on the Scottsdale trolley! 

I almost bought some new sneakers at this sweet street wear store, but they didn't have my size in the guys style I wanted. Shout out to the guy who worked there braided up looking like Post Malone. 

It was a beautiful weekend in Phoenix! I love quick weekend trips like these. I can fly out after work on Friday and hop on the 6a flight Monday morning and head straight to work! 

They're also easy to blog about, because there's only a few notable pictures. Those week-long trip blogs are daunting. I still plan on finishing one up for my national park road trip.. that's for another day!

XO Kat