Maybe the happiest TBT I've ever experienced. 

T-Pain and Lil Wayne first announced their collaborative album T-Wayne in 2009, nearly a decade ago, and finally dropped it for us out of the blue today. 

After Wayne was released from jail in 2010, they just simply never put out the album. 

Teddy Pain said it's been "just sittin on his hard drive" since 09 in a series of teaser tweets that had us all at the edge of our collective seats yesterday.

Pain and Wayne first collabed in 08, the same year they both performed at our Summer Jam. That was the very first Summer Jam I worked at. I started my internship with KUBE that January and was SO HYPED for our show. T-Pain was exciting of course, but I had already seen him at Summer Jam the year before, just as a fan in the audience. Lil Wayne was the highlight. The entire city was unbelievably excited for him. It was at the height of "A Milli" and "Lollipop". 

That show was another level. A week after my 20th birthday. Sold out. Having that Summer Jam as my first behind-the-scenes show I ever worked at will forever go down as one of my favorite radio memories. 

I'm feelin reeeeeaaaaalll spontaneous right now #2009 #TheMissingPageInTheHistoryBook

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Okay I also have to note something I immediately noticed.

Listening through the whole album for the first time today, you had to notice the beat in "Breathe". It's the same beat in Nicki Minaj's "Did It On Em", which was released in 2010. 

If Wayne and Pain have had this album wrapped since 09, it's clear that Wayne gave that beat to Nick for her Pink Friday album. 

Young Money has always been the realest. 

What do you think of the 8-track album? Do I wish it came out in 09 like it was originally supposed to? Maybe. Am I glad to have it now? Absolutely. 

Nostalgia is at an all time high right now. Thank you, Wayne and Pain. 

XO Kat