Maybe I never realized how cool Chewy was because I wasn't a pet parent until recently but it's awesome! is like an Amazon Prime but for pet stuff and at GREAT prices. If you set up auto-ship you save money! They have an app too! You can follow my furbabies, Caroline and Max, on Instagram - @CMKittens

YAY. WE HAVE A MOM!!!! . RepostBy @thecarlamarie: "((It's long but read it - I have a huge announcement!)) . There's one rule I've followed for the last 2 years. -- Don't set goals. When you set a goal you are so set on your path that you'll turndown amazing opportunities when they come into your life because they weren't your "goal". -- I've applied this to my career and relationships ((it's what made me take the job here in Seattle - THANK GOD I DID)). But I never thought about applying it to pets. When these little girls popped into my life I was fostering to help Motley Zoo. My "goal" was a boy dog and because of that goal I didn't realize how amazing these girls were...until I had to give them back after my foster time. I was depressed without them and four days in I thought of my "rule" as I always do. And realized...CRAP. I set a "goal" of a puppy so I didn't see how perfect they were for me! Today I officially adopted Caroline and Max from @motleyzoocrew and I couldn't be happier!!! Yes, they've got an Instagram and they would love for you to follow: @cmkittens. Thank you to all of my friends and coworkers who have reached out about helping to watch them when I'm away! . #adoptdontshop #kittens #kittensofinstagram"

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