Dj Khaled has had better days. This video has gone viral. You've probably seen it by now, but if you didnt, check it out. Here's my two cents:

What did you expect you're going to get?!?

True...there was a time Khaled actually DJ'd: Two turntables, on real wax, had is own radio show, breaking new records and was yelling in the mic since the 90's. He has obviously outgrown that and is best known for producing hit records and still yelling in the mic. (It's the natural progression for Dj's - HAHA). Again, what did you expect you're going to get? A: He doesnt actually DJ anymore. B: He's a pop/hip hop artist. He produces Hip Hop and Pop songs. Have you been to a hip hop show?! It's pretty much exactly like this.

Which brings me to the obvious question, "Why was Khaled even booked at EDC?"

I'll tell you why, FAME and TICKET SALES. It's a fact, 'EDM' in pop culture hit its peak years ago (it's sad to say and this is a whole other can of worms) With the loss in popularity these festivals are not seeing the same kind of numbers ($$$) they're used to. Think about it. These festivals book Dj's who became producers or producers who became Dj's. Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, etc... all had chart topping hits at a time it felt like these festivals happened every weekend. Today, what dj/producer has chart topping hits? Dj Snake, Diplo (Major Lazer) and... Dj Khaled. (I'll note, Snake and Diplo would have been better choices)

This is why Khaled 'Dj Set' didnt work at EDC.

I believe 'EDM' (I'm using EDM because most people know it as that) is getting back to a core audience. People who got into 'EDM' when it was popular years ago are falling off. They're getting older, tastes change, priorities change, or some simply follow the trends and are now hip hop heads - whatever the reasons are. But now, the people who paid to be at EDC, wanted Electronic. Dance. Music. in its current form. If they wanted to go to a hip hop show, they would have. Khaled would have had a great show if it had been surrounded by hip hop show. (DUH) I've seen other videos with a different perspective and some people were feeling it. That just comes to show that even the new generation of EDM lovers know other genres of music as well. I like that. But the majority wanted to dance. Khaled set wasnt about dancing. 

EDC organizers should get back to basics.

There is a new reality that festival organizers need to get a grasp on: These festivals are simply not as popular. Putting a hip hop dj/producer in your line up might make you look cooler when promoting, but when the night plays out, it doesnt work. Obviously. Very few, if any, said to themselves "oh crap, Khaled's there!?! I'm going NOW!". Most people said "Khaled is there...(insert blank face emoji)". Book the big acts that you did before plus some of the new guys that are killing it. You'll be fine. 

Dj Khaled will be just fine.

All this talk of career suicide, dismiss it. This guy is going to be producing hit records for many years to come. Hell, he may even produce a 128bpm, fist pump, molly poppin, festival banger just out of spite. 

Again, this is just my two cents. This doesnt reflect any other opinions but my own. I welcome your comments. You agree or disagree, that's great! I would love to hear other perspectives in a constructive, positive way. Tweet me @djphase - insta/snap/FB - @djphaseseattle