There she is! After all the speculation and photo leaks - just a few days ago Rane made it official. The new Seventy-Two mixer and the Twelve controller. 

Here's my personal take of the whole thing so far:

DJs: Stop. Losing. Your. Minds! haha. Relax! Stop all the speculating and now, drooling. If you're already not a dope DJ, a mixer with a few new features isnt going to instantly make you one. Sorry. Practice on what you got already!

Rane will surely get demo products to all the major DJ tech blogs and users. It'll have a few new bells and whistles than an S9. Probably the biggest upgrade is the touch screen. It will be interesting to see how it will fit into Dj's routines. I suspect not a lot, it's just a bit more convenient. I personally hope the buttons and fader feels better. Because I've never liked the feel of RANE faders. Though many Dj's love it. 

What's peaks my curiosity... is the TWELVE. I've always said "If anyone made a 12" spinning controller, I'd be on board." Its just a matter of time before they did. Welp, it's here! I've tried, but I just cant move away from using turntables. Even with their analog flaws, there's no better control than the feeling of a record spinning at 33 1/3 rpms. So THIS... oh, I cant wait to get my hands one of these and cut on it. However, it looks to be a preparatory set up. With only usb connections, it looks to be only compatible with the Seventy-Two.

I dont think RANE is going to a take a huge chunk away from Pioneer S9 fans. There's plenty of room for both. And just like years before this, it's nice to have options. 

Here's RANE's official release and decide for yourself.